3.000 streiken bei Triumph-Tochter

Quer durch Asien wird für Triumph produziert: Und wie sich in Thailand oder auf den Philippinen die Menschen gegen willkürliche Betriebsschließungen zur Wehr setzen, so passiert es auch in China wo einmal mehr wenig Lohn selten ausbezahlt wird...

Am 13. November 2009 meldete die englische Ausgabe von Peoples Daily:

"Nearly 3,000 women workers of a German-invested company in south China's Hainan Province has beguna strike to press their demands on bonus, pay and vacations.

The Chinese workers gathered Thursday in front of the plant of the Hainan Youmei Underwear Co., Ltd in Haikou City, the provincial capital, to continue their protest which began Wednesday.

"The strike started after the management said a worker could not get year-end bonus if her production efficiency failed to reach 50 percent of the average level last year," said Mo Xiaohui, an employee. "That was impossible for most of us as the production dropped sharply in the financial crisis."- weiterlesen bei  "3,000 Chinese workers strike over low pay in German-invested company"