EBR Solidarität mit Streikenden in Hongkong

Auf seiner Jahrestagung hat der Europäische Betriebsrat der Thyssen Krupp AG am 6. Oktober 2011 seine Unterstützung für den Streik der Hongkonger Kollegen bei der dortigen TK Elevator AG ausgedrückt - ein Streik, der auch dank vielfältiger Solidarität recht erfolgreich beendet werden konnte.

We, the members of the European works council of ThyssenKrupp AG, support the demands brought forward by our colleagues of ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Hong Kong (China). We call on the management of the operating unit Asia/Pacific of ThyssenKrupp Elevator Technology to improve the working conditions for our colleagues and to fulfill promises given to the workforce concerning payment. ThyssenKrupp has defined standards that must apply to the executives and managers in charge there as they apply to anybody else.

Disorderly work schedules entail exceeding workloads for employees and have adverse effects on health & safety at work. Against the background of clear standards set by ThyssenKrupp AG, we call on the managers and executives of Asia/Pacific to live up to the responsibility towards their employees they have accepted, to fulfill existing heath & safety standards, and to act as valid role models.

We, the members of the European works council, declare our support for our colleagues in Hong Kong and call on the management of ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG to respect decent work standards everywhere in the world, and to follow up on their fulfillment. In order to forestall any similar grievances in the future, we call on the executive board of ThyssenKrupp AG to resume negotiations for the renewal of ThyssenKrupp's Code of Conduct immediately.

The European works council ThyssenKrupp AG

Annual meeting, 6.10.2011